Recorded in conjunction with KGH’s Brexit Symposium in Soest, Germany, Nov 20-21, 2018

“My strong advice, if you have staff in the UK or are going to the UK, is that they register before March 29, 2019”

Brexit involves changes in several ways, both in terms of the movement of goods and of people. A UK outside the EU will affect EU citizens’ opportunities to live and work in the UK, which in turn affects companies with EU citizens employed. In the film clip, Mr Tony Smith, Chairperson, International Border Management and Technologies Association (IBMATA); exDirector General, UK Border Force, gives you some hands-on advice what you can do.

Please note that since this was recorded the latest U.K. government position is still to allow EU citizens living in the U.K. to register to stay permanently upon Brexit; but the deadline may change, depending upon the final outcome of debates in the U.K. parliament and the publication of the U.K. immigration white paper thereafter. For updates on the latest position go to


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