Trelleborg Pipe Seals is part of the global Trelleborg Group and provides the HVAC industry with a wide choice of premium pipe, manhole and connector seals, as well as pipe renovation systems.

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The challenge
As part of an operational change, Trelleborg chose to establish a central warehouse for the Nordics in Spydeberg, Norway. A challenge with the new location was that the majority of customers were Danish and Swedish, and several of them were concerned that this would lead to an excessive administrative workload which in turn would cause costly disturbances in the supply chain. It was therefore important to find a solution that ensured the same efficient administration as before.

The KGH solution
To begin with, KGH delivered an action plan based on Trelleborg’s needs and conditions. An immediate action was to enable the Norwegian entity to also act as an importer already at the Swedish border, allowing customers to trade with a Swedish company. This eliminated the perceived risk of increased administration.

Furthermore, KGH Accountancy & VAT Services helped Trelleborg to establish necessary routines for efficient, compliant reporting, including handling of all reporting to the tax authorities and compliance monitoring – services which KGH has been providing ever since. Finally, KGH provided consulting services regarding VAT matters relating to the flows of goods.

The result
The cooperation between Trelleborg Pipe Seals and KGH has been going for several years with good results. KGH solutions continue to ensure smooth, efficient administration that supports the customers’ demands for fast and timely deliveries. Trelleborg even increased sales shortly after KGH took over the daily administration and reporting.



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“The support we get from KGH is worth its weight in gold for our business.”

Frode Hvidsten, Financial Controller, Trelleborg Pipe Seals

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