Increased demands on supply chain efficiency as well as cost-effectiveness may make it worth evaluating whether your current solution for customs declarations filing is still the best choice going forward. The evaluation should include both the system and the supplier.

The world around us is constantly evolving, and so are the systems we use for an efficient supply chain. We demand a better overview, increased flexibility and, last but not least, cost-effectiveness. Is your current customs declaration system up to this?

A modern, SaaS-based customs declaration system helps to ensure compliance with new regulations, such as the UCC. There is no need for local updates, which could lead to being temporarily non-compliant. Instead you can benefit from updates immediatey, as they arise. Additionally, updating local systems could be costly, both from a resource and a financial perspective.

With a SaaS solution, every update is managed centrally and seamlessly, with limited need for the user to be involved. Last but not least, there is always a risk of disturbance in the local IT environment when updates are implemented.

Choosing the right, modern system is essential. However, choosing the right partner can be just as important.

Just as the demands on the supply chain are increasing, so too are the demands on customs handling. Entering a relationship with a system provider who also has extensive expertise in trade and customs management, could open up additional opportunities to fully leverage the potential of the system. With an expert’s eye at your service, together we may be able to find smart new ways to improve your processes, for example re-using the information provided in export declarations or import declarations to reduce administration.

Also, with a customs specialist as your system supplier, you can take advantage of other services to develop your customs operations and strengthen your supply chain. Examples include various consulting and training services, but also operational services such as customs clearance support as capacity shifts and trade flows change.

In our modern world of global trade, the ability to utilise a broad customs service portfolio and leverage all aspects of customs could be a major advantage.


To help you evalute your new or current declarations solution – download our checklist of 11 things to consider when investing in a new customs declaration system.


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