A clear scope of what kind of customs services you want is crucial to success. We have put together a document outlining what you need to include in your RFQ to avoid misunderstandings and discussions throughout the purchasing and service delivery.

This document, called an RFQ template, goes through all the details of the invited customs service provider, the services you want and what you expect from the collaboration. It gives the service provider valuable insight into your transportation and declaration needs as a basis for their service and pricing proposals.

Using this document saves you time, increases quality and reduces your risk, not least in the long run. What is more, a well thought-out and presented RFQ sends a signal that you are a serious business partner and therefore worth extra attention.

Feel free to contact me if anything is unclear or if you have any ideas on how to improve the template:

Daniel Sandberg daniel.sandberg@kghcustoms.com


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