About Lindum
Lindum AS is a Norwegian company that operates in waste and resource management. They also produce energy, quality soil and compost, as well as renting out containers to companies and individuals. Lindum is folly owned by Drammen Municipality, and the Group includes six subsidiary companies.

SEK 522,000,000 in turnover – 1,500 000 tonnes of waste – 202 employees

The challenge

Lindum AS has been using KGH for all its customs clearance work for many years. They were now interested in simplifying their reporting to authorities when transporting waste across national borders. Administering permits was a complex process, with a lot of time-consuming paperwork handled manually.

The KGH’s solution

When Lindum AS contacted us at KGH, we were busy developing Nordic TFS (Trans Frontier Shipments of waste). Nordic TFS is a shared portal for Nordic authorities, agents and receiving plants, in which users digitally report their cross-border waste transport. This makes it easier for exporters and importers when it comes to customs clearance and in contacts with authorities.
The exporter registers data digitally in the portal and the information will at the same time sent to KGH for customs handling. This further developed portal is called Nordic TFS Plus. They have used the portal since 2014 and are very pleased.

The Results

Nordic TFS Plus enabled Lindum AS to achieve more efficient customs handling. Reporting to authorities where simplified, while control and monitoring improved. Lindum could also now archive its documentation and produce project statistics.
In addition, Lindum uses the Connect online portal from KGH, which provides a collective picture of all flows and activities between Lindum and KGH. Moreover, KGH decided to appoint a dedicated team to handle all flows from them, regardless of border crossing and mode of transport.


Lindum AS

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“KGH bring Lindum peace of mind, as we know for certain that all the latest regulations are being followed. We feel that KGH’s personnel are highly competent and professional, and they pass this confidence on to us. It is also great that we can always get hold of somebody to help us out when challenges do arise. At Lindum, we feel that the high level of service KGH provides is crucial to our work.”

Ole Johan Harbakk, Logistic Manager, Lindum AS

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