Logistics costs and delays eat into your profit margins. Find the best customs solutions to make the most of your cross-border operations.

For businesses along the chain of the wood and paper industries, logistics make up a high percentage of the costs. So we know that customs issues and delays can pose severe problems for your business. For example, lumber trucks often need to be loaded in the forests then driven across the nearest border crossing. But do you have the routines and contacts there to ensure a smooth and quick passage?

Through our experience, 24/7 availability and local contacts with the different border controls, KGH can ensure trucks throughout the chain are always on the move. What is more, we tailor our services exactly to your needs along with EDI integration and the development of solutions such as an app for your drivers to get their customs ID before crossing.

How we deliver value to our customers in the wood and paper industries:

  • Your own dedicated customs team
  • Service-driven, flexible and experienced
  • EDI integration possibilities
  • Quick, accurate response around the clock
  • Local offices along borders

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