Effective waste management needs effective customs handling that is up to your own high standards. 

With extensive rules and procedures for the transportation of waste, not to mention all the documentation that is required, it can be difficult to identify and implement a streamlined process for handling customs.

For our waste management customers, KGH provides vital support with dedicated teams that can manage your assignments regardless of the border crossing and by choosing the most cost-effective cargo carrier.  What’s more, with 24/7 support, customers are assured of getting the help and answers they require for a smooth-running, cost-effective operation.

With our long experience and in-depth knowledge, we have even participated in the development of the Nordic TFS portal (Trans-Frontier Shipment of waste), which lets you take advantage of a common digital process for digital applications and movement tracking forms according to EG legislation. KGH also offers training and support to get the most out of the Nordic TFS portal.

How we deliver value to our customers in waste management:

  • Your own dedicated customs team
  • Service-driven, flexible and experienced
  • Nordic TFS portal
  • EDI integration possibilities
  • Quick response with 24/7 availability
  • Local offices along borders

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