Get a smooth, cost-effective flow of goods that is fully adapted to your operations.

Customs issues – and how best to handle them – are a constant challenge for the textiles and clothes industries. With the entire chain often spread across several countries, it’s also a challenge that is crucial to their business. “Where is the right place for our distribution center? Where is our new customer, in the EU or outside? Will it be easy enough for our customers to buy from us? What about tax and customs duty? How and when do we handle that? And who does it?”

These are questions KGH is experienced in handling and resolving for our textiles customers – accurately, quickly and cost-effectively.  This is because customers can take advantage of our wide range of services and, with our help and knowledge, have them tailor-made to their very own processes and other needs.

How we deliver value to our customers in the textiles industry:

  • Your own dedicated customs team
  • Single partner and contact, irrespective of country border
  • Service-driven, flexible and experience
  • Quick response with 24/7 availability
  • Cost-effective and smooth flow of goods

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