Fish, every day of the week – this is what your customers and consumers demand. Which means your customs handling must be as smooth as possible.

Transporting fish across borders creates some tricky challenges for importers and exporters. In fact, assisting the transport of fish across the Norway-Sweden border was a key starting point for KGH half a century ago – and remains a key part of our operation even today. During that time, we’ve learnt that we need to be there for you 24/7, every day of the year. Handling your customs issues with a dedicated team, regardless of the border or the transport company used.

We help solve complex questions, giving you and your distribution network quick and accurate solutions that ensure your operation never stands still. Based on our unique competence to identify and tailor the right services for you and your industry, the result is flexible customs solutions that, right from the start, streamline the flow of timely and cost-efficient deliveries.

How we deliver value for our customers in the fish industry:

  • Ensuring correct licences and compliance
  • Advisory and consulting services
  • VAT registration and company establishment
  • VAT reporting
  • Catch certificate handling
  • KGH Connect Monitoring tool


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