Corona Update

On this page, we provide updates on the situation at our offices and regarding customs clearance for road, sea and air transports in our operating markets. We also provide info about customs authorities and other government agencies.

As you have noticed more and more countries are restricting travelling and some are more or less closing their borders. The information at present is that goods flow will continue since functioning supply-chains are key to keep the society going through trucks passing the land borders, goods entering the ports and airports. However, due to the enforced border controls, there may be queues and slower border crossings and clearances than usual.

At KGH we will do our utmost and take our responsibility to ensure continued timely Customs clearance of all the critical imports and exports. We will also keep our customers updated if there are any changes in the situation at the borders.

Please download the updates. The document is updated each Monday at 12.00 AM.

Additional info

The European Commission provides Guidance on Customs issues to the concerned stakeholders on practical solutions given by the current legal framework, to ensure a uniform application of the UCC even in this time of crisis.

Visit the European Commission website 

Sixfold provides info regarding truck border crossing times around Europe, based on real-time location data from connected devices.

Visit the Sixfold website 

Please notice that above info is provided by a third party and not KGH.