We have secured daily operations and also established a good foundation for Envirotainer, through safeguarding of customs compliance as well as global monitoring of customs regulations.

Anna Klettner

Global Customs Manager,


Improved compliance and efficiency through a global customs control tower

Envirotainer is the global market leader in secure cold chain solutions for the air transport of pharmaceuticals. When, after an internal audit, the company decided to improve and take a major takeover of its customs handling, they sought contact with KGH.

For Envirotainer, it was important to find a partner who could both ensure efficient customs clearance, and contribute strategically with help on how customs management worldwide is best developed to ensure compliance. Geographical reach, customs knowledge, overview and one single point of contact were key requirements. Envirotainer’s entire customs processes globally are now managed by one partner, in one solution. Since the cooperation began, transparency has been improved, compliance has been strengthened, and flows have been streamlined, with the introduction of a global customs control tower playing a crucial role.


Pharmaceuticals, Air transportation

160mn €



The Challenge

Envirotainer came to KGH in spring 2020. They had made an internal audit of their customs handling and some areas were identified where compliance could be improved. They were exposed to compliance risks and needed to ensure that they fulfil their obligations against local authorities worldwide. This was one of the reasons why they were looking for a customs partner able to handle their customs for shipments to and between their stations worldwide. Another reason was that they did not always receive their declarations and supporting documents from their current providers, which increased Envirotainer’s compliance risk as they could not always check every declaration. The third reason was that due to their complex logistical flows, Envirotainer demand qualitative customs expertise and a compliant and efficient set-up, with a single point of contact and full transparency throughout the whole process.

The KGH Solution

To meet Envirotainer’s needs, a comprehensive solution was developed in which a global customs control tower plays a central role. Being a part of Maersk Customs Services worldwide, handling of Envirotainer’s customs clearance needs could also be secured.

The customs control tower acts as Envirotainer’s single point of contact to and between forwarders and local customs brokers globally. The control tower has a central point of entry for the incoming documents needed for each shipment. Through the digital platform, documents are sent to the relevant customs brokerage team in e.g. the US, Australia, Japan and Norway. The appointed teams manage the exports and imports, and any operational issues are escalated to the control tower. All documentation and data are stored and easily accessible in a single eArchive at the end. The control tower and eArchive enable a real-time overview to manage deviations, and give the customer and KGH opportunities to identify improvements in the customs processes. Furthermore, compliance is ensured as all archiving takes place according to legal requirements, which facilitates audit handling. As an additional service to further increase Envirotainer’s compliance, regular declaration audits are carried out by randomly selecting samples of filed declarations. Any detected issues are rectified and act as input for improvements to their global customs handling. Finally, Envirotainer also takes advantage of consultancy services, covering a range of customs matters such as customs requirements on new launched products, customs optimisation and Commodity Code analysis.

The Results

Raised Compliance: Thanks to the global customs control tower, Envirotainer can rest assured that any operational issues are dealt with directly. The audit review enables deficiencies in Envirotainer’s declarations to be identified and followed up on a regular basis, in order to continuously improve customs processes.

Increased Control: With KGH as the single point of contact and direct access to conducted declarations and supporting documents in the single eArchive, Envirotainer receives full transparency and control of their customs flows, which contributes to a more secure supply chain.

Deeper Customs expertise: Internal customs knowledge is continuously strengthened through customs consultants with local expertise worldwide, as well as a scalable, seamless customs solution for growing companies, available to help with their customs issues and struggles worldwide.