Why KGH?
Facilitating trade for sustainable growth!

All of us who work at KGH contribute, in one way or another, to facilitate trade for sustainable growth. That is our mission, and the increased complexity of international business, along with trends such as digitalisation and international e-commerce, ensure that the market for a specialised player such as KGH is growing. Over the past years we have increased our presence in Europe and have close to 1 300 employees in over 40 offices across Europe.

Our competence within the area of Trade and Customs are broad and deep and we can offer a vide range of job opportunities.

Our Global Consulting business area has a large number of senior experts in international trade and customs, and we are looking to complement them with highly-qualified consultants and project leaders who are enthusiastic about strategic development and change.

In our KGH Digital business area, where we are investing to develop the industry’s most advanced solution (CTDS – Customs Trade Digital Solution) to significantly refine and simplify the interaction between the commercial sector and the Customs Authorities, we are looking for systems scientists and graduate engineers with a focus on IT.

For our largest business area, Operations, we are recruiting specialists in custom services and logistics.

With a long tradition and history, we are very proud to say that our strong company culture is one of the main characteristics of KGH. To join KGH means to join a welcoming, informal and professional culture where our Core Values permeate everything that we do. We see this equally important as our strategic direction to ensure long term success and they are the essence of our identity.

Our Core Values

To join KGH means to join a welcoming, informal and professional culture where our Core Values permeate everything that we do:

Constant Care
Take care of today, actively prepare for tomorrow.

Listen, learn, share and create value for others

Our word is our bond

Our employees
The right environment for our people

Our name
Everything we stand for

Job opportunities

We offer many exciting job opportunities in different business areas.


Learn how to grow a career in KGH and meet some of our colleagues.

By joining KGH, you will:

Join a true international company, working as global as possible and as local as necessary.

Share your passion and develop together with like-minded colleagues

Contribute and be a part of a welcoming and including working culture.