At KGH we strive for outstanding quality – not only in the service we offer our customers and our internal processes, but also in how we act towards third parties. This is how we contribute to the positive development of our company – today and for the future.

Establishing our core principles and ethical standards

Our Code of Conduct is an integral part of KGH’s corporate policy. The Code of Conduct sets out our core principles and ethical standards, which form the basis of our corporate culture and business.

Guidelines for creating added value for our customers, investors and employees

Our Code of Conduct affects how we evaluate our actions and serves as a guide to what we should and shouldn’t do. This is of fundamental importance for how we do business at KGH and how we create added value for our customers, investors, employees and everyone else who benefits from our services. Every employee must understand the effects of the Code of Conduct on their day-to-day work and must behave in accordance with the resulting standards.

Social impact

KGH has signed the United Nations Global Compact and fully supports its ten principles for human rights, occupational safety, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.