KGH Customs Services is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with the Centre for Customs and Excise Studies (CCES).

KGH is the leading independent provider of customs services in Europe. With more than 50 years’ experience, KGH provides its client base of over 14,000 customers throughout Europe with the people, insights and services to streamline and add value to their customs procedures. The comprehensive range of trade and customs services offered by KGH is delivered by about 700 personnel in some 40 operational offices located at key ports and border crossings.

CCES is the world’s leading academic institute in the highly specialised area of customs and cross-border regulation. Based in Canberra, Australia, CCES is recognised by the World Customs Organization and its peers as international leaders in its field. Its courses are continually updated through ongoing research activities to reflect contemporary and emerging issues. The CCES client base includes customs, other government agencies, international organisations and private companies in over 180 countries.

The strategic alliance between these two high-profile organisations will enable KGH to vastly extend its training and education services in two key areas of its operations – the KGH Trade and Customs Academy and KGH Border Services.

KGH Trade and Customs Academy
For many years KGH has been offering quality training and education to help its customers increase their compliance, efficiency and competitiveness. The partnership with CCES enables KGH to further expand its suite of courses, and to provide its customers with a range of learning pathways that are capable of leading to internationally accredited certificates and degrees, including those which are formally recognised by the World Customs Organization.

KGH Trade and Customs Academy will shortly be announcing its comprehensive new program that will include awareness courses, specialised courses and professional certificates and diplomas leading to academic degrees. In addition, KGH will continue to offer its customers in-house delivery of its expanded range of programs, tailored to meet their specific needs and operational imperatives.

KGH Border Services
KGH Border Services is an independent consultancy within the KGH Group, assisting government agencies all over the world with customs capacity building and implementation of contemporary approaches to border management.

Globally recognised as leading experts on border management, risk management, Authorized Economic Operator and Single Window concepts, KGH Border Services also offers independent diagnostics of border management activities, and provides expert strategic advice, operational support and specialised training across all aspects of border management, based on international standards and global best practices.

The strategic alliance with CCES provides KGH Border Services with the ability to offer unparalleled training and educational services to support its global consultancies with customs administrations, other areas of government and international institutions. It enables KGH to draw upon and tailor the comprehensive suite of materials that has made CCES the trainer of choice for customs administrations around the world.

For further information please contact Lars Karlsson, Managing Director, KGH Global Consulting at lars.karlsson@kghcustoms.com, phone: +46 722-124948, David Widdowson, CEO, CCES at dwiddowson@csu.edu.au, phone: +61 418 868 409.