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About the course
We explore the various aspects of international supply chain operations, with a particular focus on those elements of the supply chain that are directly relevant to Customs core operations, such as import, export and transit, and how the regulatory and commercial aspects of supply chain operations interact. We also examine commercial terms of trade, and safety/security aspects of international supply chains.

What you learn
On successful completion of this topic, you will be able to independently handle standard and more complex situations relating to supply chain operations and commercial terms of trade.

This includes having a broad understanding and detailed knowledge of the following concepts and provisions, and being able to apply and use this knowledge in your daily activities as a Customs professional:

International Supply Chains and Logistics
You will gain a sound understanding of the various elements of international supply chains, the way in which global supply chains are evolving, and logistics relevant to different modes of transport including sea, air, land and multimodal.

Supply Chain Roles and Responsibilities
You will acquire a detailed understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the various players within a supply chain, from the shipper to the ultimate consignee. You will also gain a sound knowledge of the documents used throughout supply chains and the relevance of such documents in the context of regulatory control.

Commercial and Regulatory Interaction and Trade Facilitation
You will gain a broad understanding and detailed knowledge of relevant trade facilitation measures and how they can enhance supply chain operations. Based on this knowledge, you will be able to analyse different aspects of a supply chain and identify ways in which the efficiency, quality and service relating to the Customs flows may be improved.

Supply Chain Safety and Security
You will be able to demonstrate a sound understanding of supply chain safety and security from both a commercial and regulatory perspective. This includes understanding your responsibilities in achieving and maintaining the safety and security of the supply chain and the impact of such activities on society.

Commercial Terms of Trade (INCOTERMS 2010)
You will gain a clear understanding of commercial terms of trade, including the rights and responsibilities attached to specific terms, such as financial responsibility and risk.




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