Customs and its impact on Trade 1140X600 Alien

About the course
We examine the Customs role in cross-border trade, including the business purpose of Customs, the objectives of the different stakeholders and the potential impact of Customs on traders and service providers. We also address national and global trends that can influence the customs activities of trade organisations.

What you learn
On successful completion of this topic, you will have gained a broad understanding and overview of the role of Customs and its impact on the international trading community, including traders and service providers. You will also gain an understanding of current and emerging trends that may influence the customs-related activities of trade organisations. This will prepare you for the increasingly complex strategic environment in which Customs operates, and the focus of customs work currently, and in future years. It will include an understanding and knowledge of the following issues:


  • The role of Customs
  • Introduction to international and EU Customs law
  • Business drivers of Customs
  • Customs activities, processes and procedures
  • The impact of Customs on the supply chain
  • The global Customs environment
  • Current and emerging trends




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  • Estimated study hours (depending on the level of prior learning)15 - 30
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