AEO Implementation
Become AEO compliant

Becoming an AEO is an excellent investment for your company that will give you benefits in terms of speed, predictability, cost savings and improved services from customs authorities. An AEO is regarded as trusted partner and the AEO mark of quality gives you a competitive advantage in the international market.

Successful AEO implementation and, achiev and maintain AEO status needs to be incorporated with other quality assurance- and related systems within your company. Processes for all your customs related activities need to be reviewed, developed, enhanced and well documented.

Achieving AEO status can be an extensive investment in terms of time and resources. Resources and competencies required for in-house implementation may often be limited. KGH´s experienced experts can help you and provide the support needed to achieve the AEO-status. KGH can take the role of project leader with responsibility for the entire AEO implementation -project. Alternatively we can provide consultants to work with you on your in-house project. We can also provide advice and quality assurance along the way.

Together we agree on the level of support that suits your business and work closely together towards the goal of your company achieving AEO certification. If you select our “optimisation package”, in addition to reviewing your current processes, KGH will also look for ways to optimise your Customs management and propose alternative Customs procedures and handling that will reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve risk mitigation.

The results you can expect:

  • An organisation fully prepared for the Customs AEO application assessment
  • Compliant processes developed for all customs activities and documented routines to support your staff in their daily work
  • Greater understanding amongst your staff of how their work impacts Customs management and compliance along with improved quality throughout the Customs processes
  • An organisation that stays in control of its Customs management and that is capable of predicting and adapting to any change in circumstances

The service you receive:

  • An established approach in developing compliant Customs processes through support from experienced Customs consultants
  • Support will be carried out through on-site visits and individual interviews as well as remotely
  • Capacity building within your organisation
  • All processes will be developed in close cooperation with relevant personnel and will be compliant with current customs legislation, AEO-criteria as well as company specific policies.