Tariff Classification 1140X600 Alien

About the course
We explore the concepts and procedures relating to the Harmonized System, and the knowledge and skills required to effectively classify goods for customs purposes. This includes the classification structure, the process and Binding Tariff Information (BTI) decisions. We also examine the use of online databases 

What you learn
On successful completion of this topic, you will be able to independently handle standard and more complex situations and related tasks involving classification of goods for customs purposes. This includes having a broad understanding & detailed knowledge of the following and the ability to apply & use this knowledge in daily activities as a Customs professional:

Terminology used in the context of the tariff classification of goods
You will be familiar with the terminology used in the context of the Common Customs Tariff and the tariff classification of goods, and be able to use that terminology in your daily professional activities.

The Classification Structure
You will gain a sound knowledge and understanding of the classification structure, including the sections and chapters of the Nomenclature, the headings, the structure of the chapters and the Harmonised System Codes.

The Classification Process
You will be able to correctly identify goods for classification purposes and be apply the interpretative rules. This will enable you to apply the principles of the Common Customs Tariff (combined Nomenclature as well as the Harmonised System Codes) in your daily activities as a Customs professional.

Binding Tariff Information (BTI) decisions
You will have a clear understanding of the processes and procedures relating to BTI applications and decisions You will have the ability to apply for a BTI decision and have a sound knowledge of the associated requirements and conditions



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