Investing in people’s learning and development are two key factors of success in our business. Our employees have the opportunity to personally develop along with the company on an ongoing basis. Our professional growth process is based on generic as well as behavioural and functional competencies.

To be a true international company requires an inclusive mindset where diversity is appreciated, and we strive to take the full advantage of all the knowledge and experience we have in the organisation.

Meet some of our talented co-workers!


Lars Börjesson
Lars Börjesson CEO

Name: Lars Börjesson

Position: CEO, KGH Group

Office: Gothenburg, Sweden

Education: MSc in Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, 1989.

What is the best career advice you could give? ”Be professionally curious, and be prepared to jump at challenges, even if they might appear at first glance to be a little bit too challenging for you.”

Intwerview in the Swedish magasin "Framtidsföretagen"

International trade – more important and more topical than ever As part of KGH’s team, your role will be to facilitate the increasingly complex business of international trade.

In recent years, KGH has developed into one of the leading players in Europe in trade and customs services. The company currently operates in 10 countries, in over 30 locations, and has a staff of around 700. We met the CEO, Lars Börjesson, to have a chat about how things are going at the company.

What makes your industry exciting? “International trade is more topical now than ever. Until recently, the consensus was that international trade generated increasing prosperity for all countries, rich and poor alike. But now the UK has voted to leave the EU and withdraw from the European Union Customs Union, and the new US President is pursuing an ever more protectionist trade policy. In combination with other factors, including the EU’s new common customs legislation, this has injected a real dynamism into our industry. The increased complexity, along with trends such as digitalisation and international etrading, ensure that the market for a specialised player such as KGH is growing.”

What type of skills are you looking for? ”Our Global Consulting business area has a large number of senior experts in international trade and customs, and we are looking to complement them with highly-qualified consultants and project leaders who are enthusiastic about strategic development and change. In our KGH Digital business area, where we are investing to develop the industry’s most advanced solution for smoothing the interaction between the commercial sector and the Customs Authorities, we are looking for systems scientists and graduate engineers with a focus on IT. For our largest business area, Operations, we are recruiting specialists in custom services and logistics.”

What makes you most proud? ”That we are helping our customers increase the efficiency of their international trade. We generate predictable flows, manage risks, ensure that we have accurate customs documentation and contribute to reducing operating costs. Through this approach, we are helping our customers to grow and to generate sustainable solutions. The willingness to get involved and help make this happen is clear proof of the massive pride and commitment felt by everyone right across the company.”

KGH was established in 1963, and, since then, we have continuously expanded on our expertise in customs brokerage. Today, we support over 14,000 customers through our offices in Europe, and globally via our network of partners. You will find us in major ports and border crossings, where the physical handling of goods takes place. Our services also include training, company formation and software.

Martin Andersson
Martin Andersson Business Region Nordic

Name: Martin Andersson

Position: Operations Manager Nordic, region south

Office: Strömstad, Sweden

What does your job entail?

I try to contribute to a solid foundation to make sure that our business region and group will continue to succeed. To contribute to an energetic business minded organization, customer focused with a solution-oriented mindset. I´m also a member of the Management Team Group for Business Region Nordic and Key Account for some customers.

What do you like most with your job?

I like the opportunity to contribute to a supporting environment where colleagues grow and develop themselves to generate a great customer service. It is developing to work in an international environment and to meet new customers to build trustful relations.

Have your position changed over time?

I started in KGH as a customs process administrator with responsibility for the customs procedure Inward & Outward processing. After a few years in that role, I became an Office Manager at our front office in Svinesund. Thereafter I have had various roles in different regions and business areas and have personally developed along with the company.

Which 3 words would you use to describe working with KGH?

Customer focused – Energetic – Business oriented

What advice would you give to a new employee?

Take the advantage to learn from one of our senior colleagues and do not be afraid to use your knowledge and fresh energetic view to suggest new solutions that will be a benefit for our customers and us. In the long run a satisfied customer makes a profitable KGH who develops and generates great jobs for great people.

Lovisa Lindh
Lovisa Lindh Business Area Global Consulting

Name: Lovisa Lindh

Position: Trainee/Junior Consultant

Office: Gothenburg, Sweden

What does your job entail?

I started working at KGH not too long ago and I am only working half-time, so I am still in a phase of learning. Therefore, my days look very different. Together with my supervisors, I have gained insight into what the entire company is working with, but of course with the most focus on my department, Global Consulting. The last couple of weeks we have focused more on education and for every week I can take more responsibility.

What do you like most with your job?

First, I think that my first months at the company has been very developing. This is my first “real” job after studies and it is a good combination of learning and contributing. I learn new things every week, which makes me more and more secure in my work. I am very competitive as a person and I like taking steps forward.

It is also very important for me with my flexible schedule. I am combining my career at KGH with a career as a professional track runner, so the understanding and comprehension is provided for me to get my days together.

What is the work environment like at KGH?

Since my first day, the atmosphere has been very good and welcoming. I like that the office has a quite open landscape, it makes the contact with the colleges closer. At my department, we are talking a lot about the importance of focusing forward and that nothing is impossible which I think is very important as an employee as well as an athlete.

I also love that we can play table tennis at the lunch break :)

Which 3 words would you use to describe working with KGH?

Developing, challenging and fun.

What advice would you give to a new employee?

I still feel quite new myself, but I guess it would be to ask many questions. I did not have any experience working with customs before I started at KGH, so my first instructions when I started here was not to hesitate to ask questions. That is probably the best way of learning.